{weekly photo challenge: new}

I thought it would be good to start taking part in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, not only as a way to improve my photography skills, but to also make me consider different ways of interpreting each theme.

This weeks challenge is New. Well, this blog is new, and taking part in this challenge is new to me, but what could I actually photograph that counts as new?  Then it hit me: food, or more precisely new ideas with food. I’ve spent the last couple of days gathering together random recipes ripped from magazines, organising my food Pinterest boards and unpacking my many (and mostly unused) cookery books after moving house back in July.

I love food. I mean I really love food. But I’ve become stuck in a rut. Meals have become boring and repetitive. It’s time to try new recipes, to reinvent old ones, and experiment a little. So here is my interpretation of New – lots of scrummy (and mostly healthy) new food!

New: Food - Weekly Photo Challenge - https://ericavagans.wordpress.com/2015/01/04/weekly-photo-challenge-new/


6 thoughts on “{weekly photo challenge: new}

  1. An excellent idea – we all get into food ruts, don’t we? Of course, with skintillions of cookbooks around, somehow we always end up going to the web for something new and delicious :-).


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