{Word Art: Winter}

 A snowflake is winter’s butterfly ~ unknown

Winter can be a little bit depressing. It’s dark and cold, and sometimes it can feel as if the sun will never again make an appearance. However, winter can have its good points too (honestly). When else can you get away with snuggling up inside with a good book, rather than working on the garden or washing the car? When else is it acceptable to hibernate and become a semi-hermit? And of course, without the dark, bitter winter, we would not enjoy spring quite as much. See? It’s not so bad after all, is it?

A couple of years back, on one such cold and wet afternoon, I created this little winter inspired word art to remind me of all the fun things associated with the season. So if you’re feeling a little bit sad, and counting down the days to spring, maybe this will help to cheer you up!

Winter Word Art - https://ericavagans.wordpress.com/2015/01/09/word-art-winter/


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